How do we reach the 1.5°C climate goal?

Reaching the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement will require fundamental changes in the structure of the global economy. Especially the Global North has to bid farewell to unlimited economic growth and redefine what a good life within the Planetary Boundaries can look like.

Who Believes in Unicorns?

Is this really the time to critically reflect upon our consumption behavior? I say it is – and not just because Christmas is knocking on our doors and, as every year, we’re (virtually) hunting down last-minute presents for our loved ones, praying for this madness to end…

Can Fashion be Green?

Sustainability is becoming an important topic in the Fashion industry. As one of the most polluting consumer industries on this planet, this is a good thing. But is it all just greenwashing? Or can fashion really be green? The Green Struggle of Fast Fashion My answer to whether the clothing industry could become sustainable: yes,Continue reading “Can Fashion be Green?”


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